This is my view from the couch. It often looks a lot like this:


Or sometimes like this:


I’m really bad at picking up. That whole thing where Playmobil is mixed with Legos and markers with colored pencils puts me over the edge. I’d really prefer a whole lot less in this house, but am starting to realize that will never happen. So I have to clean up. Pick up. But I hate it. It’s boring. I’m tired. It’s too overwhelming.

My solution: rearranging. It takes way longer. It requires more thought, more work, more of everything. Far more overwhelming than just picking up. But the results are better. My view from the couch is way better, anyway. But after yet another day of tearing everything apart to put it all back together, I’m starting to question my cleaning strategy.

Are you a rearranger?

Author: Casey

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