Year In Review: 2013


There were birthdays and vacations. Days at the beach, hours in the snow. Triumphs and struggles. More good than bad, whatever good and bad even mean. So much awesome. So much heartbreak. This year I met all my number goals and find myself looking forward to next year with goals I don’t exactly know how to meet. That’s both exciting and terrifying. This upcoming year likely won’t fit in a spreadsheet. The writing projects I’m planning haven’t really sorted themselves out yet. The lack of a proper plan is overwhelming. But it will be good. Whatever that means.

My greatest goal for 2013 was to blog every day. I did it. As of this post. Though I’ve been blogging every day since August 2012, I had been doing it just because I wanted to, not because I committed to a year of it. The year was hard. There were days I didn’t think I could make it. Not too many, but enough. Nearing the end of this year, I said I’d give myself days off this coming year. But here we are, and I just can’t stop. Going without stopping has taught me more than giving myself a break ever could. Or maybe not, but we’ll never know. Thank you for being here with me. I hope you’ll stick around. Here we go again!

Author: Casey

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