Take A Break


There’s so much I should be doing. I should do the laundry. And pick up the house that I just picked up. I need to start dinner. I have posts to write and work to do. I’m worried about sending Roozle off to winter camp next week and wishing I could be home. We need to clean and plan and decorate or something. As if the regular stuff we have to do isn’t enough.

This time of year requires all the work, but also needs the space for slowing down. I’ve spent a lot of time under a blanket or two on our couch after work lately. With a cup of hot tea. I’ve thought about how I’d like to read more. Last week, I wrote just for me. My feet are cold, so instead of putting on another layer of socks, I’m slowing down, getting comfortable, and enjoying a bit of a break.

This week’s challenge is to take a break. Pick up a book. Sit by the fire. Do nothing. Each day this week will get shorter leading up to the shortest day of the year on Saturday. Take this time to take a break. I’ll be sitting right here watching Roozle stand on the table.

Will you join me? What will a break this week look like for you?

Author: Casey

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