Getting Ready For Winter


Around here, ornaments are decorated, trees are drawn and colored, Frosty is being watched. It’s starting to feel a bit like Christmas, but it isn’t. It will be solstice soon. A very quiet version of a celebration. There will be no 12 days of gifts and candles and light like last year. There will a bit less of the hard boundaries keeping Christmas out. We have an adorably small tree this year. Roozle will get a few small gifts on the solstice day and we’ll have a small party with some friends. Small is the key word here this year. And simple.

Maybe this is really what we wanted all along. Maybe it’s just what works this year. Maybe having this four year old around helps remind us that we don’t have to force our new tradition, we can just let it happen.

Though we celebrate each of the seasons, welcoming winter always gets a little more attention. Winter here feels like a big shift. The darkness begins to lift a bit more day by day. The temperatures drop and hold us inside. The new year arrives with its goals and new hope. The ideas run big. The tea is hot. Dough is rising. We settle into the rhythm of work and school and self. There are naps and movies and extra candles. And around here, so soon after winter begins, it sucks our souls and makes us absolutely desperate for spring.

This year, getting ready is just about enjoying the excitement around us and making some paper snowflakes. It’s a bit tricky, this whole doing something different than what you were raised with thing, but so far, it works.

Author: Casey

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