One Small Moment



It’s Thanksgiving week and the start of Hanukkah for our friends who celebrate. It’s a big week. It’s the beginning of The Holidays. It’s the beginning of having more to do and less time to do it. It’s the beginning of seeing family, some of which you haven’t seen since last year. And sometimes that’s so good. And sometimes it can be very stressful. The traveling. With kids. The extra baking and making and all the things without any of the time. And yes, there will be celebrating too, but not quite yet.

Mixed in with all the chaos, though, there will be moments. The moments will be small. They will be beautiful. They may be so quiet you need to be careful not to miss them. These moments may be a memory that floats by, a perfect latte on a stressful day, a child’s excitement over a new pair of pajamas, the quiet of the house early in the morning or very late into the night.

This week’s challenge is to take the time to notice one small moment. 

Take the time to stop. To breathe. To maybe even take a picture. I almost always take pictures of my lattes because they are a beautiful moment in most of my days. They represent warmth and a treat for myself. I take a photo so I can remember the moment later when I’m not consumed with latte happiness in a cafe. It brings me back. It centers me.

Will you join me?

I will be on Twitter tonight hosting a Twitter chat with VillageQ (the first of many!) about the holidays as a LGBTQ person. The holidays can be especially stressful when you’re out or not out or introducing a new partner to no-so-supportive family. Come join us. Share your stories: good and bad. Let’s support each other.

Author: Casey

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