Marbles To The Rescue


This kid loves to be home. She trashes the house. She plays with every toy she owns. She gets herself snacks. She changes outfits hourly. She sings from her table top stage. Getting her out of the house is quite the project. And so is getting her back in.

She is a master non-mover. Her life is a nonviolent sit-in. It makes me crazy.

Getting her out of the car makes me the kind of crazy where I lose my grasp on reality. The weather is intensified. Time comes to a dead stop. All my impatience comes out in slow motion so I can judge myself through it. Great. So helpful. I beg. I plead. She doesn’t respond. She doesn’t care. My arms are full. I’ve just worked a long, full day and just want to get inside. She won’t go.

I found out that Roozle’s class uses marbles in a jar to help the kids earn trips or special no uniform days. I asked Roozle how they earned the marbles and realized that these marbles could be my ticket out of our afternoon trouble spot.

“What do you guys get marbles for?”
“Cleaning up, listening, being kind.”
“Oh really? We should do that at home!”
“We could, Mommy, but we would need some rules first. Some core values. We should write them down.”
“That sounds good. Let’s start with cooperating when you get out of the car. That will get you a marble every day.”
“Yeah, that’s good. And then I get a prize!”

I’ll give you all I own if I don’t have to deal with your daily sit-in, Roozle. Honestly.

It’s working. She will likely earn her 5th marble tomorrow. What should the prize be? A pony? A pile of jewels? A stack of money?

Author: Casey

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