Goodnight Roozle (A Sponsored Review of A Very Fancy Light Bulb)



“What’s this new light doing in my room?”
“It’s a special light bulb for kids that stays bright for them to read then makes itself really low like a night light when it’s time to sleep. It’s magic.”
“Then I should read!”
“You should.”


When I went to check on her a few minutes later, as I always do, she was already asleep. I guess she didn’t want to wait for the magic. And yes, she is sleeping with her slippers over her footsie pajamas. As if having your feet covered once wasn’t bad enough.



This happens a lot these days. I end up going in and turning off her light a bit after she goes to bed. Sometimes, though, I’d like to be in bed myself and not have to get up. We’re finally in the wonderful place of Roozle going to sleep when she goes to bed after years of struggle because of too-long daycare naps and up all night to party at bedtime. Did you just hear my exhale of relief? I never thought we’d get to this point. Thank you, kindergarten. You rule.

With our new fancy Good Night Dimmer Smart Bulbs, I don’t have to get up and turn off the light anymore. I probably still will, of course, because checking on sleeping kids rules. But still. If I am asleep at 8pm (don’t judge), then I can just let the fancy light go into night light mode. I don’t have to get up. I love it when I don’t have to get up.

These light bulbs are nothing fancy while being totally fancy at the same time. They look regular. They go into a regular lamp (unlike our much cursed IKEA lamps that required IKEA light bulbs). Turn it on the first time and it just stays on. Then the fancy starts. Turn it on twice and it’s set to auto-dim after twenty minutes into a night light. They are guaranteed to last at least two years. They are shatterproof (which is why I’m okay having it right next to Roozle’s bed). And the light is awesome. It’s warm and bright. Perfect for a kid’s room to encourage some reading before bed, but not a party. Please children, stop doing that. Your parents aren’t into it.

Learn more about Smart Bulbs by following along on Twitter and liking them on Facebook. You can buy Smart Bulbs now on Amazon. This is a sponsored post, but the opinion is mine, as always.

What does bed time look like in your house?


Author: Casey

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