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I knew going into this week I should’ve abandoned the meal plan, but I didn’t. Instead I let myself abandon it throughout the week as needed for latte dates and a the playground and throwing a ball into a laundry basket for an hour. I am doing a bit too much these days and needed some Just Have Fun afternoons with Roozle this week, so that’s what we did. Coming out of a too-many-day-headache, I needed to drop some things and focus on what makes this family happy. So I organized, drank all the coffee, played a bit, and read lots of blog posts when I wasn’t doing all the work. It ruled. Here’s a bit of the internet that ruled this week. I love the internet.


“Do you consider yourself lucky? How about fortunate? Blessed?

If you use one of those phrases with any frequency, in my opinion you’re doing it right. By “it” I mean, life.

I am the complainingest complainer who ever complained (Hi, Chad!) and as I told a co-worker today, I worry that catastrophe will follow me because it pretty much does. Of course, my catastrophes are not really bad at all. A little West Nile Virus, pneumonia, meningitis, antibiotic-resistant infection, concussion, congenital heart disease, or threat of pulmonary embolism never hurt anyone. Wait.” 

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“Yesterday our Pastor had all of the Veterans in the church stand to be honored. My heart swelled with pride as my husband stood along with many others in our congregation. Our Pastor then asked the family members to stand — and a lump formed in my throat. I remain incredibly proud of my husband for his years of service, some of which included me.”

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“Even now, some of my favorite times have taken place in kitchens – in my own, in friends’ – chopping or sautéing, helping or watching, laughing over a glass of wine or a cocktail. There is something inexplicably beautiful about a good meal, lovingly prepared. Getting to share in that creation only deepens the connection.

I know that.

But I forget sometimes.”

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“Every night has become this battle, no matter what we serve. Both of them balk and scream and throw their plates and demand food only to then shove it away and wail at us. We make special meals for them and they demand what we’re eating. We make a meal for all four of us to share together and they scream for whatever suits them at that moment.”

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Happy internetting! 

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