In November

in november

Tomorrow we expect our first snow. As we get ready for winter, I begin to go through my stages of preparedness. It happens every year. The mix of being inside too much, the increasing darkness, and slowing down a bit before the holidays kicks it off. First, I start with baking. I pull out all the recipes I haven’t touched in months. Usually starting with some kind of muffin (corn is a favorite these days) and then work my way into all the bread. We love bread around here. Mastering a good rise is my life’s work. In November. Every year. I’ll be long over it by January, I’m sure.

Then comes the organizing. I like to think that my house will be clean if it’s organized. As if my four-year-old wouldn’t take everything out of every bin and mix it all together and dump it all out and do all the things if only the bins were labeled. You can laugh at me. It’s okay. The organizing quickly leads to donating. It’s way easier to organize when you have less stuff. Where did all this stuff come from, anyway? We definitely didn’t have this much last winter…

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Author: Casey

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