Saying Yes


When our new schedule started this fall, we changed some rules around here. Screen time restriction was changed from not allowed on school days to allowed a little bit. A little bit quickly turned into begged for. And begged for eventually became sure, fine, whatever.


Mornings were hard, so there was Dragon Tales. Afternoons were sometimes hard, so more Dragon Tales. Weekends we’re tired, so there you go. But it didn’t actually make anything easier. It was harder. Much harder. Overstimulated Roozle wouldn’t listen, started forgetting how to play and needed more help with everything.


We know this happens and have been here before. Because we slip and slide around a bit with this parenting stuff. We’re tired and sometimes just want to say yes. Yes, you can. Go ahead.

But we’re going to try to save those yeses for the weekends, for watching shows at least, and get back to the making her own breakfast boards in the morning and playing after school. It’s way better for all of us.

Author: Casey

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