In The Kitchen


Roozle and I have been doing some baking together after school lately. She loves to help and it gives us time together when she’s not asking for a snack or to watch a show or singing the Annie soundtrack. She doesn’t fight me to wash her hands. She follows the directions. She helps. For real. Usually we bake while I’m making dinner, so I’m often at the stove tending to that, and Roozle is in charge of watching our dough.


She knows that if the dough is too sticky once all the flour is worked in, you need to add more.


So she does.

Today’s adventure in baking dinner rolls didn’t work out. I mean, it did, we had very tasty rolls, but they weren’t ready until 8pm. This house causes dough to rise with painful slowness. We may need to start making our doughs the day before we want to actually eat the breads because this isn’t working. The Roozle helping part is though.

Author: Casey

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