This Week’s Menu

this week's menu 10.27.13It’s meal planning time! Last week, I realized that these meal plans are almost just five days of meals, but not necessarily Monday through Friday. I almost changed this template to number the meals instead of indicate the days, but remembered the whole reason I started this. We have trouble eating at home consistently throughout the week. So it’s Monday through Friday. And if Thursday’s meal gets pushed back and Friday’s meal ends up on Saturday, that’s fine. You’re all saying, “Of COURSE that’s fine,” but I like rules so I need a little extra convincing.

Now a few weeks into meal planning (five maybe?) I’m seeing how far we’ve come. Way less eating out. Way less processed foods. So much better. We’ve gone so slow with little changes, that we didn’t really notice. It rules.

I’m leaving Thursday open, though I do have a few meals ready to make, but we will be out with Roozle getting all the candy and aren’t sure how much time we’ll have for dinner making.

What are you making for dinner this week?


Author: Casey

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