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I stopped for a latte before work today. I’m giving myself a slow start after traveling this weekend. Sometimes I go and go too fast too hard and then crash by the end of the week. I’m trying to avoid that. I’m trying to take care of myself a little bit. To give myself a little more room. To make sure that all the inspiration I left the weekend with isn’t so quickly suffocated by schedule.

The latte will probably be fine, but it was rushed and over foamed and clearly the product of the beginning of practice. Of learning. Part of me doesn’t want to be an experiment of someone else’s learning, I just want a good latte. The end of the journey of practice. And so much of me appreciates the new beginnings. The failings. The flailings. I think I’m getting to a point here in this space where I’m winning the fight against Afraid To Fail. I’m okay with the process of learning and doing because going and not stopping, not getting stuck, is more important to me than success. Whatever success means. Maybe I’m redefining it. As we all do. We redefine as we go. Community, redefined. Privacy, redefined. Vulnerability, redefined.

We’re doing the work. Me, as a writer, fighting with myself and winning these days, her as a barista in training. She will get there. In the process, there will be lattes with too much foam and shaky hands. And that’s okay. To me at least. It won’t be as pretty a picture for Instagram, but life isn’t sometimes. But we keep going.

This post is a part of Just Write, an Extraordinary Ordinary writing project. It rules. 

Author: Casey

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