Pass Around Your Phone


I’m sitting here with friends from SalonLGBTQ. Today’s post is a pass around of my phone. I’m not sure what will happen, but letting go is a good thing or so they tell me.

They also tell me that I may want to read a book or make a hook rug or revisit my 5 year plan and shake it up with goals I’m afraid to even put into words because I am afraid I may not achieve them. They have a lot to say. Maybe they should get a hobby and leave me alone.

After all, while what others tell you can provide some insight, what really matters is what your own heart says – and this space, is about what I have to say.

Friends can pull you forward, open doors, shine lights. Or wear out the battery on your phone. All are worth it.

Friends don’t let friends randomly write their blog posts. Friends, however, may let friends pass around their phone and type some stuff into it? Thinking: what’s the harm? This is just a DM or a Tweet, right?

It is important to do things that scare you, to push past your comfort zone and push it real good. That’s how we change and grow…like chia pets. So, when this blog post is over, we should all buy chia pets as a reminder of our potential for green fuzzy change.

I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside. Even the ugly ones. Ugly children still matter. How many ugly children do you know that grew up to be beautiful? Okay some of them grew up to be ugly, but they grew up ugly and nice. And that’s what is important–being nice. Even if you’re ugly. Lead the way. Ugly children are the future.

You know, when this little experiment began, Casey’s shoulders were hovering around her ears but now I swear I just heard her say that this was a fun idea. And that’s the point. I’m grateful to her for taking this leap because I adore her and have always wanted to overthrow her blog for my own personal agenda. And now I have. (Also: Roozle? Highly paid child actor.) xo

Life rules.

Author: Casey

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