Date Lunch


Before Roozle, it was just us. And the cats and a couple of dogs, but for the sake of this post, it was just us. Dogs and cats don’t make it hard to date your wife. But, sometimes, a lot of times, kids can. Date night brings an additional cost and the requirement to schedule ahead. This is where we always fail. We want to go out. A lot. But we forget to schedule a babysitter. And then when we want one, we can’t ask because of late notice and around and around we go. The other issue with date night is that we’re tired. By the end of the day, we aren’t really into doing another things. We want to be done with all the things. We want to put Roozle to bed and change out of work clothes to settle in on the couch.

We’ve found a solution. Date lunch. We recently found a fancier-than-Olive-Garden restaurant near our office that we both love. It’s fancy enough to make us put our phones down and talk to each other. It’s close enough to work to not take too long. We don’t have to pay a babysitter because Roozle is in school. We don’t have to stay up late. The food is great, the company is even better, and date lunch totally rules.

What’s your ideal date? Also, isn’t my wife the cutest ever?

Author: Casey

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