The Light


I took Roozle to Target today after school. I needed a few things for my trip to Atlanta tomorrow and she loves the place. While riding happily in the cart eating all the snacks, she decided to start waving at people. Waving and yelling hello. She wanted to see who would wave back.

At first, few would wave back. I started thinking of it as a social experiment and how unhappy everyone is. I started to worry that she would get discouraged by humanity. Then people started waving back. They started saying hi. They smiled. Lots of them. She was thrilled. It ruled.

Yesterday I found out that a friend‘s brother committed suicide. My heart sank. Then broke. I can’t stop thinking about her. Her family. Her brother. It’s just too much. This year has been too hard for them and it’s not fair. Last night I fell asleep thinking about how dark mental illness is. I can’t change anything that had happened, but can honor my friend’s brother and her family by trying to see the light.

Today, Roozle was that light. Waving and yelling at strangers. I watched the light wash over them. It brought the light right back to us.

Do you know someone hurting right now? Be their light. Check on them. Say hello. Say something. Or wave from a shopping cart.

Author: Casey

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