Reading With Roozle


Reading with Roozle can sometimes be a lot less fun than we anticipate. There’s a great deal of climbing, interrupting, and general craziness mixed in with two tired parents who don’t want to fight to read a book at the end of the day. We’ve been working on it, though. Roozle and I go to the library for a few new books once a week. We read there and most afternoons at home. We talk about the rules before starting the book. It helps. More than anything, the big change that has helped the most is that I’ve started having Roozle read me a book first. She can’t read yet, so she either picks a book she has memorized or makes it up. It helps her to quiet down a bit and I’m able to set the example of how to listen to a story. It also gives us some more time with books without some of the frustration. That’s always a good thing.

She has also started reading books in bed to herself. Last night I told her I’d check on her in five minutes after putting her to bed. I encouraged her to read a bit while she waited for me to come back. A few minutes later she yelled from her room, “Mommy, I think it’s close to five minutes but I just love reading so much so you need to wait until I’m done with this book!” Okay, Roozle. No problem.

Here’s Roozle reading me a book the other night.

Author: Casey

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