This Week’s Menu

this week's menu 10.06.13

After last week’s huge success with meal planning, we’re at it again.

This week we’re starting with oven baked nachos, one of our favorites we never make at home because we don’t want to clean the dish for 300 years. This week I saw Andy from made nachos in one of those throwaway foil pans. TOTAL GENIUS. (Edited to add that I just looked at the photo again on a computer instead of my phone and realized that he put foil over a real pan not actually using a throwaway pan, but still, genius). I can’t wait. We’ll load them up with beans and cheese and veggies and all the goodness. Roozle will just have all the toppings on a plate with some unbaked chips. I really want to make this tonight, but I promised myself to try a spaghetti squash, so I’m taking that on tonight. Maybe it will fail (probably) and we’ll end up with oven nachos anyway. I did get two pans. Maybe we should eat them every day for the rest of the week.

I’m trying to replace a few easier things with homemade things on this week’s menu. Pizza dough from scratch and corn muffins made with corn meal and flour and an actual recipe to start. I have the extra time and Roozle likes to help with that kind of measuring project, so we’re going for it.

What’s for dinner?

Author: Casey

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