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Buddha Belly

Shopping locally is important to us. When Roozle was still using cloth diapers, we did lots of our shopping for her at our local independent kid’s shop. It was the only place in our neighborhood where we could get cloth diaper friendly products for her and is centrally located so we could get a latte around the corner after. Love.

Over time, we got to know Liz, the Hatched owner. She totally rules. She’s totally hardcore about safety and sustainability and supporting local goodness.

From the Hatched website,

We seek out goods from companies that share our values. They are committed to using organic and eco-friendly materials, to treating their workers well, and manufacturing their goods in a sustainable manner.

Last spring, I was at Hatched talking to Liz about our family’s little eczema problem. In cold months, each of us struggle with spots of dry skin that we’ve used petroleum based products for. I was telling her how I hate to use unnatural products if we can avoid it, especially for Roozle, and she told me about Buddha Belly Baby. This stuff rules. So we all use it now. So awesome.

Hatched and LifewithRoozle and joining up to give away a container of Buddha Belly Baby! Hatched will provide the Buddha Belly and I will take care of shipping it out to you (international shipping fully accepted). Disclaimer: I was given this product for no cost to review, but all opinions are my own.

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Author: Casey

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