Soup Night


I love soup. It’s warm. It’s a good friend of my best friend, bread. It uses up my fridge vegetables. It’s easily vegetarian or vegan. Leftovers allow me to eat all the bread for lunch. And most importantly, it’s the easiest for us all to have for dinner on a night when we don’t all eat at the same time.

We try to eat together at the table every night. More often lately there have been one or two nights a week that would work better if we didn’t. So there’s soup! It tastes better the longer it simmers so there’s a hot meal for everyone whenever they’re ready to eat it.

Tonight’s soup started with a box of low salt, organic, vegetarian broth. I added onions, garlic, carrots, potatoes, white beans, and fresh mixed herbs. We ate it with toasted olive bread. So good.

Does your family eat together?
What’s your favorite soup?

Author: Casey

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