Go Gently


We’re fighting fevers and headaches and colds around here lately. It’s been the kind of day where you need to wait for the Advil to kick in before starting the dishes.

Roozle had a quiet fever, thankfully, this time. She sometimes gets the loud fever where she runs and plays and loses her mind, then crashes and sleeps only to wake up and have all the loud crazy again. That one is hard to be home for. We feel trapped inside. It’s hard to work from home. Hard to deal with the unexpected sick day. She’s frustrated. We are. It’s hard.

The quiet fever is the one where she gets set up with lots of snacks and drinks and all the movies. Or just Annie twice in a row. These are the sick days where you get everything done, but only the quiet things. The writing. The computer work. The drawing. The movie watching. And everyone stays in their jams all day looking slightly accomplished and mostly pathetic.

I noticed tonight that I have three draft posts that are either titled “Go Gently” or are about it somehow. Today was definitely a go gently day. There were no rules, just the quiet we all needed to start the week gently. And get better. Getting sick is never fun, but getting sick and being stressed about all that’s being dropped is less fun. Maybe this going gently is what having it all really looks like. I’m not sure. I just know that the two words are keeping me going and taking good care of all of us right now. So if nothing else, I like it.

Go gently. This week. Always.

Author: Casey

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