Finding Balance


Today is the equinox. The first day of fall. Well, really it happened at 4:44 this afternoon, but I was too busy making a cake right then to write about it. Or even notice, really.

Because it’s the equinox, I’m thinking about balance. And because I think about food and meals and planning them and shopping for them and all that more than most things during the week around here, the balance I’m focused on is this balance in the kitchen. The balance between putting in the extra effort into what we want in the kitchen and going gently with some of the conveniences we still enjoy and require in our weeks. Going gently with myself while making a boxed cake instead of something with sifted co-op flour with Roozle to celebrate a bit more balance in all of our lives, as we welcome a new season, another new beginning.

This new beginning includes a boxed cheater cake because it’s Roozle’s favorite. She measures and stirs and today made the colors of the rainbow, then we frosted it together (mostly her). I’m not a baker, so if she wants to make something and not eat it, this is the way it’s going to go. Because she never eats it. When it was finally ready, she asked for an apple instead and didn’t even have a bite. She’d rather have all the fruit. All the time. But she loves that she can play such a big role in making something. I like that too. Without me getting super stressed about the recipe and baking part of it. That’s a parenting win, right there, even with the artificial rainbow.

We welcome the fall, the shifting, the change, with Roozle’s fancy cake, and a whole lot of going gently.

Author: Casey

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