This Week


This week was the second week of transition. It was way better. Still hard, but only in the Parenting Is Hard kind of way, not in the oh no everything is way too hard kind of way. The first week of school my mom told me, “Things will be hard, then they will settle down, then you all will get sick, because September is hard.” Guess what? We’re now sick. Well, two out of three of us are. I’m not, thankfully, because I don’t have time to be sick. I’m too busy being exhausted. I need to work on that.

But! This week was better. It was my birthday! I hate reading with Roozle, but I’m working on it! I drank all the Keurig coffee and tea! Roozle listened to the Annie soundtrack on repeat night and day all week long! Life rules!

How was your week?

Author: Casey

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