Reading With Roozle


I have a confession. I don’t like reading books to my kid. In theory, I love it. Stories! Learning! Pictures! Spending quiet time together! Hooray! But reading with Roozle never ends up like that. There’s lots of climbing mid-story. On me. The books requested are way too long at the time I’m so tired I can’t see. At bedtime, books aren’t about all the good stuff, they’re a tool to delay bedtime and make us all crazy.

But I’m working on it. Because books rule. Reading is awesome. I don’t read books ever but I read all the blogs all the time. Reading rules.

Last week, we happened to walk outside at just the time our neighbor was loading his car with all the books his ten year old son had grown out of. They were taking them to be donated. Instead, they gave them to us. It was just what we needed to jump start some afternoon reading. Some reading that didn’t involve climbing or bedtime stalling. Just an afternoon of snacks and new books. It ruled.

We need more of that.

Author: Casey

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