How To Cut A Mango In Six Easy Steps

We recently started a weekly fruit and vegetable delivery. Now that I have more time in the afternoons, we’re actually eating dinner at home! It rules!

In this week’s delivery, we got a whole mango. Mango is Roozle’s favorite food. She eats at least one package of cut mango from Whole Foods a week. Because I still struggle with how to cut an avocado (and how to eat it before it’s totally gross), I’ve never considered attempting to prepare a real mango. Too scary. Too complicated. But then one was in our house, so it quickly became the perfect time to learn.


Step One: Buy a $16 mango cutter from Whole Foods. And spend another $35 on snacks that the small person sitting in the cart claims she can’t live without.

Step Two: Smash the expensive cutter through the mango with a small person’s help to ensure it’s totally crooked and temporarily gets stuck in the pit.


Step Three: Struggle with a sharp knife to get the rest of the pit out that was missed by the $16 mango cutter. Then make lines in it with a knife in two directions.

Step Four: Feel really bad that your lines aren’t fantastically diagonal like all the pictures that show up when you google “how to cut a mango.”


Step Five: Scoop out all the little squares with a butter knife while watching the small person stab her piece unsuccessfully with a plastic Ikea knife that was apparently not designed for mangos.


Step Six: Encourage the small person to let you help then watch her eat all the mango.


Author: Casey

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