Lunch Bag Calendar


Roozle has no idea what day it is. Ever. It’s starting to drive her crazy. I can tell because she asks me ALL THE TIME what day it is and what that means. So now it’s driving me crazy. But we found a solution. Lunch bags! Well, really breakfast bags for her, but still!

Her new school provides breakfast each morning right at the time we need to drop her off. Because Roozle wakes up three hours before that time (!!), she’s already had breakfast and doesn’t need a second one. So for Roozle, breakfast at school time, is have a snack time!

Not wanting her to bring another lunch box for breakfast-snack time, we made breakfast bags. We wrote the days of the week on each one and had her decorate and hang them up in the living room. Now she knows what day it is by taking that bag to school and how many school days are left in the week. No more asking! Or less asking! Winning!

Yesterday’s breakfast-snack was a yogurt smoothie and some cereal. And last night she didn’t ask me, “Is tomorrow a school day?” Because she already knows. This rules.

Author: Casey

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