And Off She Goes


Today is Roozle’s first day of her first year of kindergarten. She woke up more excited than nervous after telling us how scared she was for months. PHEW. She got dressed in her uniform without a fight. She ate her breakfast board. She put on her backpack. She was ready. I stamped each of our hands with hearts to remind us all of each other throughout the day in case we feel sad. It’s a big day. A very big day.


I had her pose by our neighborhood hydrant just in case she wasn’t in the mood for pictures once we got to the school. She’s always in the mood for hydrant pictures. Though she was worried that I was standing in the street and a car was coming. Safety first!


At school! On the steps! Big kid alert!


She asked to go to school early to play on the playground.


I drew a picture for her backpack in case she missed us. It was really for her breakfast, and another note for lunch, but she took it out and put it in her backpack because she didn’t want to lose it.


She requested pizza for lunch. We’ll see how much of that she actually eats.


Drop off was way easier than we expected. She sat with her two friends from preschool for breakfast together. No tears. We snuck upstairs to put away her extra clothes and blanket for rest time. We chatted with her teacher. Roozle’s friend’s mom went back in to check on her daughter and gave us the report that all three girls were doing great and enjoying their breakfast. HOORAY!

Have fun Roozle! You rule!

Author: Casey

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