From Great Idea to OMG: School Uniforms

Roozle starts her new school tomorrow. Here in Boston, some schools have two years of kindergarten, K1 and K2. Roozle will be in K1 due to lots of luck in the lottery. Her new school has a uniform. Well, more like a dress code. Blue pants, shorts, or skirts (meaning skirts because Roozle hasn’t worn pants in years), and white or light blue shirts. Solid navy dresses are allowed too. But no more mismatched knee socks for school days. So sad.

I knew getting Roozle to initially wear the uniform shirts was going to be lots of trouble. I came up with a plan. I bought a small plane from the Planes Movie and hid it in the cabinet. I told her that she needed to earn 10 letter magnets by trying on 10 pieces of uniform clothes. Knee socks count for two magnets. When she had 10, she could turn them in for the surprise present in the cabinet.


I put the ten pieces of uniforms on her bed. It went from Great Idea to OMG pretty quickly.


And then the clothes were thrown off the bed.


We worked through it together, figuring out a few ways that it helped. First, she wanted me to stay in the room. Second, we decided she was better by starting with the clothes she liked.


First outfit. Four magnets. So awesome, until she realized she needed six more and totally freaked out again.


But she did it. Second outfit. Two more magnets. Getting there!


Last one! She did it! And figured out that the dress wasn’t so awful at all (good, because I bought two of them) and that the white polo shirts are the same as the not-so-awful dresses, so they aren’t so bad either.


With her fancy new Patagonia backpack on, she’s ready for school! Scared out of her mind about it, but ready! Hooray!


The whole thing took about an hour. But she got her new plane. And off she went!


First day tomorrow!

Author: Casey

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