The Writing Process


My writing process is mostly: write when you can, write what you can. It usually involves coffee, but sometimes beer. It’s usually from a keyboard on my iPad, but sometimes from my phone. Hardly ever from a computer. It’s usually at night, but sometimes in the morning on the weekends. Sometimes in the afternoon. The better stuff is written while listening to music. Because I write every day, I don’t have a writing schedule. I can’t. I make it work when I can because I have to. Today, I’m stealing time after work, before dinner, because Roozle is away with my parents. Tomorrow, I will likely post something I write today because I know I won’t have time. Saturday I will likely post from my phone. Sunday, I will be crying in the corner of a room because Roozle starts her new school Monday.

I’d like to say I start by clearing my writing throat. That I always sit down and write 10 Things I Know To Be True before any of the good stuff comes. But I don’t have time for that. And I won’t have time for that any time soon. I did that once, though. Instead, I do what I can. I keep an editorial calendar (which I am behind on). I schedule posts when I can (about once a week, more if I have a big writing morning, but I haven’t had one of those in a while). I’m behind on lots of things because summer.

To blog every day, I need lots of ideas. I have post it notes stuck through a note book, a steno pad in my backpack, index cards in my pocket, an index card app on my phone, all the ideas, all the time. And when I don’t have any ideas, I go through my photos. Lots of ideas come from there. I keep all my photos in my online photo account so I have access to them no matter where I am. I try to upload everything from my phone and camera a few times a week so I don’t lose anything. I’m a little behind on that right now, so it’s on my list.

The most important thing I’ve learned about my writing process is that I have a hard time starting, so I just need to make sure I don’t stop. If I never stop, I never have to start, so it always rules.

Are you a writer? What does your process look like?

Author: Casey

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