Roll With It


I like a good schedule. An editorial calendar, a plan, a routine, even a spreadsheet. I like to try to get up at the same time every morning and eat dinner at the same time every night. I always eat lunch right at noon. Having a kid was good for me. It was justification for an even tighter schedule. Thanks, Roozle! You rule!

But you see where this is going, don’t you…

Since August 23, Roozle has had no school. Our daily schedule has been different each day as we cobbled together babysitters and responsibilities and working around meetings and work and oh dear. It has been exhausting.

This morning my parents took Roozle for a few days so we could work and so she could spend her last few days of summer at the beach. Monday, she starts at her new school.

Though I am dreading her transition to public school, I find myself longing for a schedule. For some consistency. Even knowing the first week will certainly be a tricky one. I just want to dive in. And get it over with. For now, she’s away, so I’m channeling my freak out into a sudden desperate need for more white knee socks. She only has one pair! How could that be enough!

We’re almost there.

Author: Casey

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