Making It Work

I spent a lot of time and energy trying to find a way to bike commute with Roozle full time. It was my mission. My life goal. And recently, I decided to let it go. The way our schedules work, where we work, and where we live just made it a more complicated problem than we could solve.

But I have a new Biking With Roozle mission.


I’ve decided that my new goal is to just bike with Roozle. You’re probably laughing at me. I know. This goal is very simple. I tend to be a bit extreme (you can laugh again, it’s okay) and hard core about stuff. If I can’t do something completely, or perfectly, or both, I am known to walk away and start something new.

Biking is different though. I love it. I love bikes. I can’t let it go. And while I can’t make it work perfectly or even consistently in our schedule, I can still make it work.


Last week, my motivation kicked up a bit higher when I bought a used Brompton from a coworker.


The Brompton and Roozle’s balance bike fit easily in my trunk. Now we can drive to great balance-bike-friendly places to ride and just ride around. For fun. Without any of the complications. Whenever we want. It totally rules.

Author: Casey

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