What’s Going Right?



As a parent, a lot goes wrong. A lot of the time. A nice dinner can turn to a disaster without warning. A quick trip to the grocery store can end in tears. Constant requests for bandaids and snacks at 9pm can wear a parent down to nothing. Then you add the stress of scheduling, of bills, work, a new school, and making sure you remembered to walk and feed the dog, some days more than others feel like everything is going wrong.

This week is Roozle’s last week of preschool. We’re adjusting to a new schedule already, determined by now having two cars, but after this week, she’s off for two weeks before starting her new school. We will be juggling babysitters and sleepovers and an earlier bedtime while inching closer to that dreaded and wonderful first day of kindergarten when our hearts will break wide open.

This week’s challenge is an important one. As schools are starting, kids and parents and teachers are settling in. In that process, there’s a lot that is going wrong. Running late, forgetting lunch, not having enough time, stressed kids, stressed parents. This week’s challenge is to find three things that have gone right. Every day. And write them down. Because even the worst days have at least three things that have gone right. Probably more. You just have to look. Sometimes a little harder. I’ve done this challenge before, usually in the dark sadness of winter, and notice that the more I do it, the more I start going through my day looking for something to go right. For my list. It rules.

Will you join me? 

Author: Casey

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