This week has been full of adjustments. It’s all been for the better. There’s more time for rushing around if we need to, and lots more time to slow down. More evenings at the playground. More time for slower dinners. More time for my latest love, photography. The kind with an actual camera. The kind that makes a click when you use it. After two days of trying to figure out how to turn the sound off, I asked a friend. She said you can’t turn off the sound of actual moving parts. Oh right. That. I like it.

I’ve been thinking about this post all week. About how different it is to see something through a lens. How you have to stop moving. You have to focus. How somehow Roozle looks different through this lens. How strange it is to start something new and have no idea what I’m doing. How nice it is to learn by experimenting. How nice it is to be learning. How nice it is to be able to watch myself getting better at something. I like it.

Life rules.

Author: Casey

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