Roozle’s First Red Sox Game


We live only a few miles from Fenway Park, here in Boston. The jets fly over our house on opening day. The blimp floats above Roozle’s school on game days. And most of the kids at the school are wearing Sox hats to meet the sun hat requirement for summer.


We’ve been wanting to take Roozle to a game for a while, but weren’t sure if she was ready. So when a contractor we work with handed me four tickets last week, I knew it was our perfect chance to try.


She climbed on JJ for most of the game, but made up for it by sharing her snacks with her.


And did the wave.


She decided she doesn’t like cotton candy, but does really like soft pretzels after you wipe all the salt off. Good to know. She also likes helmets full of ice cream and staying up crazy late for a big adventure.

Me too, Roozle, me too.

Author: Casey

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