Catch Your Breath


This week is going to be a busy one. I’m off to Chicago this week, I have a pile of writing to do next to a pile of work to do, along with all the regular things like, you know, eating and parenting.

So I’m letting some things go. If Roozle wants to squirt herself in the face with water, she can. I’ll be right here. Sitting on the couch. Trying to catch my breath before the madness begins.

This week’s challenge is to catch your breath. The summer can be chaotic as we all try to fit in camps, school, errands, work, all the special stuff with all the regular stuff. A lot of us are headed to BlogHer this week. In the middle of the summer, in the middle of the Too Much, we’re packing and freaking out a bit. But even if you’re not going anywhere, there’s plenty of Too Much right where you are.

Take a breath. Drop your shoulders. Find time this week to catch your breath.

Do you feel like you’re doing too much?
How do you catch your breath?

Author: Casey

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