Salad For Lunch

My new favorite lunch to bring to work is salad. The logistics of salad bringing had turned me away from trying it earlier. How do you bring the dressing? Won’t everything be wilted? What kind of container could you use? Why is life so complicated?

But I figured it out. The trick to lunch salad is in the dressing. It has to be light and you only need a little.

My favorite lately is black beans, corn, and greens with a lime dressing.


1/2 can of organic black beans from a BPA free can, rinsed well
1/2 cup frozen corn rinsed to defrost it a bit
1/4 lime squeezed to its death
A bit of olive oil (go easy)


Add greens a little at a time, mix well, then add more. You want everything lightly coated with the dressing, bean, corn mixture.

Store it in the fridge or a cooler until lunch time. I like it with a tiny pinch of kosher salt.

Alternatives: serve this salad for dinner by adding cut up avocado to the beans and corn. It’s so good. Adjust the lime and olive oil measurements to taste.

Author: Casey

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