Getting Ready

I picked Roozle up a little early from school yesterday. Instead of the usual struggle to convince her to leave, I asked her if she wanted to go play at her new school’s playground for a bit. She starts there in September, but has only been to the school once, so she was thrilled. It helps that it’s in the same neighborhood as her current preschool.

The playground is too big for her in lots of ways, as it wasn’t designed for the pre-kindergarten class, of course, but she found lots to do and squee at. We were there almost an hour and she cried when we left, so it was a success.


Because she will probably be at this school until 5th grade, I love the chance to capture these moments of her smallness exploring. Hopefully this playground won’t still be there the whole time, but still. I think she will enjoy seeing her small self at the school when she’s bigger.


We also found all kinds of trash and tiny drug bags at the playground, so I may have found my first project at the school. The school and playground are empty and unused in the summer with a likely playground cleanup before school starts plan in the works. I’ll find out.

Do you remember starting a new school as a kid?
Have your children transitioned to a new school?
What did you do to make it easier?
Is your child transitioning this fall?
Are you ready?

Author: Casey

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