Sick Day Summer Shake


Tonight I skipped dinner to have a shake instead. Because ice cream for dinner rules when you have a summer cold and it’s 85 degrees out.

3 small scoops of organic, local, small batch, vanilla ice cream
1 small fair trade banana
1 tiny splash organic, fair trade vanilla extract
1 cup organic whole milk

I put it all in the Vitamix in no particular order, though I should’ve put the banana in first but the banana thought hadn’t occurred to me until after I had added everything else. I ran it for a while, letting the heat of the blender melt the ice cream a bit, as I don’t like my shakes too thick.

I feel better already. Better enough to think I should probably have another one.

Alternatives to this recipe include using whatever kind of fruit, ice cream, and milk you want in whatever kind of blender you want. But if you use a banana, put it in first. You also don’t have to be sick to eat this. It’s good for you. It has fruit in it.

What’s your favorite summer treat?
What do you crave when you get a summer cold?

Author: Casey

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