Waste Free Lunch


When Roozle first started school at her Montessori school, the class she was in had some rules about lunch. They weren’t nut free, but they were waste free. Since then, the whole school has gone nut free as well.

Because Roozle was only 16 months when she started, this rule created a habit for us. We sent yogurt in a container. Pretzels went in a cloth bag. Fruit went in silicone cupcake cups. And it all still does.

This doesn’t mean we don’t have some individually packaged snacks, because we do. We try not to, but they sneak in sometimes.

The biggest offender is the cheese stick. Roozle loves them. They’re easy. But oh so plasticky. I tried replacing them with cut up cheddar cheese, but Roozle wasn’t impressed. Then I found blocks of whole milk mozzarella at our co-op. Whole Foods has them too. These blocks taste better than the sticks and cut into shapes with ease. Perfect!

Roozle’s lunch: Cinnamon raisin bread with cream cheese, cheese flowers, tomatoes, and frozen corn.

Do you pack waste free lunches?
Does your child’s school have any lunch rules?

Author: Casey

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