This Week Ruled



This week totally ruled. From marriage equality to preschool graduation, to Roozle’s first solo sleepover at my parents’ house it was a big week!

I made homemade flatbread on Sunday, feeling optimistic about my ability to keep up with eating better this week. It didn’t really work out, even though I tried to do the lunch challenge this week but failed miserably after two days.

And then there was lots going on when I was not here. You know, in addition to working full time and being a wife and parent, and omg there’s not enough time in the world.

On UB2: Summers As A Working Parent

On Huffington Post: Celebrating Marriage Equality

On Lesbian Family: Featured Family Portraits

And ON THE RADIO: I was interviewed by Monte for The River radio station in Northampton, MA this week on the repeal of DOMA. My very first radio interview! So exciting! Thanks Monte! Monte’s First Gay Friend On The Repeal of DOMA.


How was your week?

What are you writing?

What are you working on?

Author: Casey

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