The First Sleepover


I just dropped Roozle off for her first sleepover with my parents. They all have been begging us for this moment for years. Roozle talked about it all week. She kept saying, “And then I will have NO PARENTS!” Um, not really.

My mom told me they desperately needed these nights away when we were kids and she can’t believe we’ve waited this long. But things were different for her. She was home with three kids all day. There were three of us. We were exhausting. Always hungry. Usually fighting. Or singing. Or running. So much running.

We work all week, only spending time with Roozle in the morning when we’re trying to get ready, in the evening when we’re trying to finish up, and on the weekends when we try to equally enjoy one another and catch up on anything we didn’t have time for all week. We don’t get to see Roozle enough to need a break.

But we do need a break. We need more nights out. More dates. More time for ourselves. It’s just hard to justify. Hard to feel anything other than just wanting to be with Roozle. She’s awesome. We like her. How could we abandon her for a night of adventure and sugar and too much awesome just so we could have a break?

Can you tell we’ve never done this before?

So here we are. On our own. It took me an hour before I called to check in. And you know, everything’s fine. Of course it is.

Have you ever left your kids overnight before? How was it?

Author: Casey

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