A Lunch Challenge


A couple of week’s ago, we took photos of Roozle’s lunch every day. We Instagrammed and competed with each other to try to make them as awesome as we could. Roozle loves this little game too. She helps (and photobombs) whenever she can.

Something happened that we didn’t expect. Looking at day by day of our daughter’s lunch made us more aware of what she’s eating. And that maybe we have a little more white flour in our lives than we should. An easy fix, but one we hadn’t really noticed as the days go by.

I wondered what would happen if we had been recording our own lunches too? That late slice of pizza from across the street. A can of coke here and there. Too many iced coffees. Packets of oatmeal and a pile of granola bars. It wasn’t pretty and needs a lot of work.

This week’s challenge is one I’m not looking forward to. For the next five days, photograph your lunch. See what you’re eating. Then see what happens.

Tag your photos with #lunchchallenge on Instagram.

What’s for lunch?
Do you make lunch for yourself every day?
Does your lunch need a challenge?
Will you join me?

Author: Casey

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