This Rules

this rules

I love the internet. And everything else. This week I listened to five songs on repeat all day, every day. I read these posts over and over. I remembered to watch So You Think You Can Dance (OMG TAP!) and listened to my neighbors watch the Bruins games. There was less rain, more sun. And summer is officially here. Enjoy.

How’s Your Blog Doing?

“If your kneejerk response is to find people you perceive to be more successful than yourself to overshadow the force of your own accomplishments, STOP IT.” from Elan Morgan, or


Just Write

“I told my sister I don’t know how it’s possible that I’m still such a little girl. I know I am because it was so hard to say goodbye to my parents. She said we will always be partially little girls and I said yeah, that’s okay.” from Heather of The Extraordinary Ordinary.

“But if you’re apart of the grammar police, you need to dial it back to three from eleven.

And let’s also talk about the fact that I’m usually drunk or stuffing my face with cheeseburgers tired because I live my life somewhere between no sleep and 3 AM.” from Liz Henry of The Six Year Itch.

This Guy.

“While looking for his school jumpers, I ended up clearing out his entire wardrobe. Found a huge bag of his baby things, clutched his teeny clothes to my chest I cried. Still don’t know why .. my days of babies are well and truly over (THANK HEAVENS). But this Rocco of mine, who has tested my patience and limits on every level since the moment he was born, is big now.” from Eden Riley of 

Newsletter: Marlo Turns Four

“You are up for anything, you want to go along for the ride. In fact, you hope that ride is bumpy, turns upside down, shoots through a ring of fire, and is being chased by cannibals.” from Heather Armstrong of

Need a laugh?

Here’s Quinoa. Amazing. Thanks to Kristen Howerton at for bringing this delight to us.

What are you reading this week?

What are you enjoying?

What are you working on?

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