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Tomorrow is the official beginning of summer, the solstice. Summer here will be pretty much the same, same schedule, same lunches, same not having as much time as we want, same early mornings, and too late nights. In between all the same will be lots of sunscreen, trips to the beach and sprinkler parks, strawberry picking and trips to the farm, weeding and watering the garden, and cool showers before sleeping with the windows open. Summer rules.

Last year, our biggest struggle was with sunscreen. Every morning before school we struggled with her. It wasn’t fun. Pro tip: bring sunscreen in the car and put it on the child while they’re strapped into their carseat and can’t escape.

I wasn’t looking forward to another summer of sunscreen struggles.

Then, on vacation this year, at some point, Roozle decided that the sunscreen looked like bird poop. When your kid says something that could change a huge struggle, RUN WITH IT.

Bird Poop you say, Roozle? Oh yes! It is! So gross! We play it up and go on and on with each application. While she’s ew’ing and laughing and giggling and announcing how “icksgusting” it is, she doesn’t seem to notice that we are protecting her from the sun! It’s working! Bird Poop for the win!

We now have a little morning ritual of Bird Poop application on the porch bench before walking off to school each day. She loves it. “Brush your teeth, put on your shoes, then meet me on the porch for Bird Poop!” “Oh ICKSGUSTING MOMMY! HAHAHAH! OKAY!” Winning. Always winning over here.

Do you wear sunscreen every day?

Do you fight the sunscreen battle? 

What has worked or not worked for you?

Do you use any tricks to help your kids not fight the sunscreen?


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Thank you to Badger for sponsoring this giveaway! All opinions and “Bird Poop” terms are our own. I contacted them and asked them for this because I wanted to share their product with this post. Because Bird Poop totally rules and so does super safe awesome sunscreen. US entries only, again, I know, I’m sorry. 

Author: Casey

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