The Boston Rainbow


I love Boston. I thought it today when I went to my regular dermatologist appointment to check my millions of freckles and moles and was at such an incredible hospital for the biopsy they needed. I thought about it, thankful that Massachusetts requires or provides health insurance so everyone here has access to freckle checks. And awesome doctors like the one I’m so lucky to have.

I thought about it when I took Roozle and my mom to the little city farm for a honey stick and a squash plant. When none of us knew what the hairy cow animal was called. When Roozle thought it was a bear.

I thought about it tonight when pizza was delivered in a rain storm and the guy didn’t seem to care, but told me to stay dry. When after the rain came the most beautiful rainbow I’ve ever seen and my facebook, twitter, and instagram feeds exploded with its beauty causing all of us to run out into the street.

I think about it now, laying in bed with my windows open, following the score of the Bruins game by the sounds of my neighbor’s celebratory cheers with each goal or block or whatever they do in hockey games.

I love this beautiful city. I’m thankful to call it home.

Author: Casey

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