Snack Changes (with a Giveaway!)

Roozle's Squooshi

A few months ago, we made some changes with Roozle’s snacks. She had just given up juice, after a huge struggle, and we began to notice other ways she was eating too much sugar with too much packaging. As I’ve mentioned here before and thought about every day, as Roozle has grown, our schedule has only grown tighter. Our ability to make some of the healthier choices we made when she was a baby has been limited. Gone are the days of making our own yogurt and bread. For now. And so entered the squeezer. Roozle is a huge fan of yogurt and quickly got into the habit of eating individually packaged high sugar yogurts as snacks. She would even cut them open herself with her little scissors.

This week, when I saw the infographic on Huffington Post about how these little yogurt tubes aren’t as awesome as they appear, I wasn’t surprised. Individually packaged snacks usually aren’t. Most of what I heard is such shock that an organic company would offer something unhealthy. This is a tricky little trap we’re in, isn’t it? We’ve begun to think that green is healthy, organic is good. It’s not. It can be, but isn’t always. Is organic white pasta with cheese better than a conventionally grown apple? No, of course not. But I do find myself reaching for the packages that say organic on them over the bigger picture thought of what’s the healthiest choice for my child. It’s something I’m working on.

Breaking Roozle’s juice habit was hard, so I knew I had to approach this yogurt tube problem with creativity. That’s when I found out about Squooshi. I ordered my own through Amazon and Roozle loved them right away. She likes them filled with plain or vanilla yogurt, or applesauce. We are now officially tube-yogurt-free. It rules.

Squooshi pouches have worked so well for us, I emailed them this week and asked them to give some away here for you. They totally rule and are offering an 8 pack to the winner of this little giveaway! Hooray!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway is open to US residents only. And a little disclaimer, even though I bought our first 4 pack, they are sending Roozle a few more, but only so I don’t feel like I need to enter my own giveaway. All opinions here are my own. And sorry, mom, you can’t enter. That’s not fair. Life rules.

Author: Casey

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