This Rules

this rules

 I love the internet. It totally rules. Here is a roundup of some of The Awesome I’ve enjoyed online recently. Titles are links, links are love… Enjoy!


Slow Down

“I rush around, as I always do, but more so, because there’s so much to do and the time left to do it keeps ticking away. My rushing devolves, as rushing usually does, and I don’t quite get done what I intend to get done. I end up forgetting why I have entered a room or exited the house.” from Stop, Drop, and Blog


Daily Blogging and What It Does to Us

“Does blogging make us better writers? In some ways, yes. I can shoot out 500 words in less than fifteen minutes. My sentences are definitely better than they were even two years ago. I am better at picking topics that interest people. If you know that readers are showing up and looking for new content, you get stuff done. You finish things off and accept that imperfection is better than nothing.” from Apt. 11D

 Why You Should Write Daily

 “Writing helps you reflect on your life and changes you’re making. This is incredibly valuable, as often we do things without realizing why, or what effects these things are having on us.” from Zen Habits



 “I’m not sure I have the words to convey the feeling of coming across this little camp. Part curiosity, part excitement, part feeling like we were trespassing, part awe, part respect and part fascination.” from Fox’s Lane

Digital Trails: Results of My Cyber Surveillance

 “I listened to a program on NPR this morning on what type of information is gathered from our online interactions, and do you know what this data on us is called? Collected intelligence.

And though I know this is serious business, and we are right to demand details and origin of requests for anything on us that is done without our knowledge or consent, I have to snicker at the thought of what anyone official would find by going through my digital discards.

 Collected intelligence?

 If you say so.

 More like oh my gosh can we send someone over to help this poor woman.Also probably likelier they’ll apologize to me for all the help I need.” from Good Day Regular People

 Saturday Night Square

This is a beautiful post from Chookooloonks, Karen Waldrond.

What We Nurture, an OnBeing podcast

“The best way to nurture children’s inner lives, Sylvia Boorstein says, is by taking care of our own inner selves for their sake. At a public event in suburban Detroit, Krista Tippett draws out the warmth and wisdom of the celebrated Jewish-Buddhist teacher and psychotherapist. And, in a light-hearted moment that is an audience pleaser, Boorstein shares what GPS might teach us about “recalculating” and our own inner equanimity.” from On Being with Krista Tippett.

Author: Casey

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