It’s All Wrong


I’m having one of those weeks when everything feels wrong. There’s not enough time. Not enough motivation. Not enough coffee. I’m tired. I tried too hard to convince Roozle to wear pants today. I should’ve just let it go. But I couldn’t.

My knees hurt. Maybe because of all the rain. Maybe because I need to find the time to bike more. As if I could find more time for anything.

We’re up too late every morning. Always late. Dinner is late. Bed time is too late. We stay up too late. Playing Dots.

This morning I let Roozle run a little too far ahead of me. I watch the commuters judge me. They tell me frantically with their eyes to chase after her. But I just can’t. I won’t. And then, just like magic, she stops. Right at the fence line. The spot we made a rule about. You can run, but stop at every driveway to check and stop and wait for me at the fence. Today, she stopped. She waited. She crossed every street holding my hand.

We made it. And got more coffee.

Author: Casey

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