Look For It


Last night we left the city and ventured out to the suburbs for a friend’s party. On our way there, as often happens when we leave the city, Roozle was convinced that she had finally found the Eiffel Tower. She actually said, “Okay guys. This is it. I’ve really found it this time. The Eiffel Tower is right there.”


Here it is. Not the Eiffel Tower.

But when you’re four, you don’t have to go to Paris to be amazed by something beautiful. Roozle really does think this tower totally rules. Even if it’s in Foxborough and not France. When you’re four, life rules. Everywhere.

This week’s change is to find your Eiffel Tower. You may find it in a sunset, or two, a long walk, a few moments for yourself, an early morning, or even during your commute. Roozle find her Eiffel Towers everywhere we go. As grown ups, we just need to look a little harder.

Will you join me?

Author: Casey

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