Around Here


Around here, there’s been lots of walking. Up the hill. Down the hill. On a mission.


Sometimes Roozle needs a little help going up.


Around here, Roozle is learning to walk the dog. Or the dog is learning to not try to run away from her when she’s holding the leash.


Around here, we’ve been walking on the other side of the street in the morning. There are less driveways so more running. Around here, we forgot to walk on the new side one day. Roozle was devastated.


Around here, the trains are still with us. Always. And late afternoons are full of sweaty suncreened Roozle heads that require daily bathing. It feels like we’re making up for the severe lack of bathing that happened this winter.


Around here, the swings fly high, and playgrounds still rule. Though, climbing a bike rack is also very acceptable.

This week started with a trip to the beach. It ruled. And a challenge to dig in a little deeper in the comments on blogs and social media (did you do it?). And then some of Roozle’s Plate, and Roozle’s lunch. The week closed out with the year anniversary of Nummy falling on the train tracks and some Urban Playgrounding. Life rules.

What did you read this week?
What are you up to?
What did you work on?
What are you writing?

Author: Casey

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